Submit An App For Review

We actively are seeking new apps to review every day. However sometimes we won’t find them all. So if you have an app and would like us to take a look at it then please carefully read below and we’ll tell you exactly what we need to get started. Please read on before you submit your app or game to us.

What To Send Us

To make our time spent actually reviewing your app its really important that we get the direct information about your app. No marketing/PR spiel. We’ve created a checklist below that contains some of the vital information we need as a minimum.

  • Developer Name and Company
  • Developer History and Company History
  • Developer Contact Email
  • Name of App
  • Download Link (iTunes)
  • Release Date (or planned)
  • App Description (short and brief)
  • Any reason(s) that your app will stand out and be unique within the App Store.
  • Any future plans you have for the app, or current development for the app, what is its future?
  • Any Awards or ratings already achieved for the app, we’d love to know
  • App’s top features/functionality/performance

Images and Videos

We need to see your app working first-hand. Especially if its not yet available for download in the App Store. We require at least 5 screen shots in order to continue to review an app. Videos are also important and it shows us that a developer is serious about their app.

Promotional Code for Application

It’s not essential that you send us a promo code with your application. However it will quicken the time it takes us to review your app. Being able to use a promo code helps us considerably and we always appreciate it if developers can provide one.

Pre Release Apps

We get really excited about pre-release apps, as we like to get to know them before they even hit the App Store. Please contact us below if your in need of a long-lasting marketing spin to help build towards the release day of your app.

Where To Contact Us

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