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A great addition to the App Store. This app is extremely useful for anyone entering the war-zone called the Underground. There are a numerous amount of routes to a single destination, this app can assist you vastly in traveling the London network, and getting you to places on time. You'll know if you need to do a last minute sprint to the station based on the trains live location. If you're thinking of visiting the Capital or regularly run the transport network, you'll find this app a great tool.

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Tube Map Live App Review

Tube Map Live AppGetting around one of the worlds busiest transport systems is not easy. Weather your in the central area of London or a rural section of the network, knowing where a train is and when its coming is a tool for you. No more are the days of looking on station platforms for train expected times, with Tube Map Live you can see the train and its location in realtime.

Of course the accuracy of the data can vary and is only ever as accurate as the feed from TFL (Transport for London) but beside that it can still improve your time keeping skills.

When you first install the App from the App Store, you’ll be taken through a very quick tour, as pictured. The tour gives you the very basic controls and information you need to start using this incredibly easy app. In-fact it’s so simple the tour only lasts a few slides, and after that you’ll feel as though you can drive a train, its that easy.

Tube Map Live Features

There are a few great features to this app, but heavily for more features and information the developer Andy Drizen pushes users towards his other app Tube Tracker, which is also available in the App Store for just £1.99.

Train Information – by clicking on any train’s icon you’ll be able to see some brief information about that specific train, such as location, destination and sometimes even platform!

Line Ticker – by swiping across the ticker at the bottom you can easily find a rail line of interest and check its current service status. If you’re a frequent user or infrequent user knowing what lines are delayed is a very useful tool, and can help you re-route your journey, before its too late.

Show and Hide – by tapping on a rail line in the ticker you can enable and disable a lines trains. This is extremely useful if you only want to see one line’s trains such as the central line.

Only See A Specific Lines Trains

Only See A Specific Lines Trains – Above image shows just the central line on Tube Map Live

Tube Map Live Design

This app has a solid design, its intuitive to the average iPhone and iPad user and doesn’t take skills to work your way around. There is just one screen so you don’t have to navigate around an app interface to make this app work for you. You can simply download the app (for free!) and start using it straight away.

Look out at night though the develop does warn that sometimes TFL can send out ghost trains across the network. Well there not really ghost trains, but they don’t exist and is just false data sent from TFL.

I’ve also noticed that sometimes trains can fly across the network, and its not confirmed but I believe this to be a lag in data, so the train quickly catches up with itself.

To summaries, this is a very well crafted app and Andy Drizen has definitely shown TFL what can be done in terms with Apps and the Underground system.

Keep your eyes pealed for more of his Apps to come!

Tube Map Live App

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