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Planit App for iPhone on Kickstarter


With less than 70 hours to go Planit for iPhone is a minimal planning app for day-to-day planning. Developed by Justin Martin, he is asking for $2000 to fund his kickstarter project.

The project that went live on the 5th of June and is ending on the 5th of July, is hoping to raise the funds to launch the app for the iPhone initially. However it is not looking to promising for Justin at the moment as the project has yet to raise half of its initial funding.


Some of the features promised in this promising app are:

Precise Event Planning - From our understanding Planit aim to make it extremely easy for anyone to create, drag, and resize events. A detailed timeline provides users the ability to create events from a short as 5 minutes to a whole day.

Integrated Weather and Temperature - One great feature is the weather and temp. Planning your activities based on weather or even just knowing what its going to be whilst you’re creating an event is really helpful. With a 5 day forcast for the local event’s area what more could you ask for!

3D Page Turning - Planit offers sleek flat user interface and 3D page turning. Simply, swipe to turn the page and view different days or months for scheduling events. If successfully backed, Justin promises to release this code to the open source community to use!

Simplistic Calendar View - Pinching in the app will take you straight to the calendar, giving users the ability to easily jump and navigate around the app.

Why should you back?

There are a lot of reasons for backing on kickstarter. The main reason being rewards. A lot of projects off fantastic rewards such as low-price products, earlier than the public releases. Planit offers some good rewards but not necessarily will the rewards for this project convert people to back.

Find out more about this Kickstarter project at: Planit Kickstarter