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Wide Sky App of the Day 8th July 2013

wide-sky-app-2If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to fling a hedgehog then Wide Sky is the app for you. It’s free until the 10th of July and is must have this summer for your iOS device! Recently Wide Sky has been adapted fort he iPad and gameplay is just as great.

We’ve put this app up for App of the Day for one simple reason: It’s fun friendly and will easily help you pass time, on the beach, aeroplane, a long journey or anywhere else you might find yourself on your iOS device.

The game itself is very easy to play however, we recommend taking the detailed tutorial as it will explain the history of the game and will provide a more in-depth tutorial to play. The game is built on top of developer Marcus Eckert’s own engine Meek and is an interesting app stretching the limits of code meets design.

The interface of Wide Sky makes it very enjoyable to play, it’s not all about the game play, you’ll find yourself immersed in navigating the app as well as playing it.

The aim is not just to fling a hedgehog but to complete levels and progress, as any other great game on the App Store. Wide Sky has over 40 challenges for you to complete. Completing these challenges will train your hedgehog and unlock new ropes and special powers.

If you are not quick enough to download it for free before the 10th of July the game will be available for the original price depending on your location.

Download Wide Sky via iTunes

Wide Sky Trailer