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Where’s My Water App of the Day 14th July 2013

Where's My Water AppWhere’s My Water is free for a limited time only, and despite being a fantastic well-known app we are featuring it for our readers, so that you know its free! A lot of apps have become available for free recently for Apples App Store’s 5 Year Anniversary.

Are You Feeling Swampy?

This incredibly challenging, frustrating but rewarding game takes you deep down into the depths of the sewers. Where you’ll meet a friendly crocodile trying to have a bubbly bubble bath. Dig out the muck, clean out the poison and help this croc get clean.

Despite some older generations being put off by the large “Disney” logo slapped onto the app’s logo, this app and its origin came from an independent Developer, and by no means have Disney “Disneyfied” it. They’ve taken a great app and made it even better.

We think you will love getting dirty in this app (metaphorically speaking of course). With over 200 unique challenges to stretch your plumbing skills, Where’s My Water will keep you busy this summer. As you advance in the game keep a close-eye out for hidden objects and rubber ducks. Collecting this on your journey through the sewers will unlock even more levels, and bonus content from this app.

Where's My Water for iPad

Can I Play On My iPad iPhone & iPod?

Well it wouldn’t be a great-super-duper-app-of-the-day if you couldn’t would it? Where’s My Water is available on both the iPhone and iPad (and anything in between, like you’re iPod, iPad Mini… etc). With retina graphics playing on you’re iPad is absolutely beautiful.

Where’s My Water also syncs with your Game Center account, so on any device that you’re logged into you’ll pull up all of your achievements, scores and saved data.

Where’s My Water Tips

Some levels are going to challenge you, and you may find them frustrating. We know! We spent a good few days trying to master the game, and we still have a long way to go. But if we had a tip for a first-timer or even old-timer, it would be take your time! Look at the level and what is available, and before ever completed a level, scrub away as much dirt as possible without interfering with your waters projected course.

Why? Simple: Where’s My Water has hidden objects needed to unlock the bonus levels, only by removing dirt will you find these hidden objects. You can check all of your found items in the apps “Collection” tab.

Of course not everyone may love this app, but if you do, let us know by commenting below!

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