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iTunes Festival App of the Day 4th August 2013

itunes festival app 2013The iTunes Festival is back this year in London with an all-time best ever line up (so we think). For the UK the iTunes Festival offers music lovers 30 days of free gigs, from top artists, at the incredible Camden Roundhouse. The event is streamed online LIVE across the world, and you can watch via this very app, your Apple TV or online. If you’ve never been to an iTunes Festival gig watching it online is definitely the next-best thing.

How to Win iTunes Festival Tickets

It’s quite simple, and there are several ways you can enter online, the best and easiest way that we’re going to talk about is registering via the iTunes Festival App. Each year Apple have refined the iTunes Festival App to make it easier, faster and better. This year the apps greatest new feature is the fact that it fully integrates with Passbook, but we’ll get onto that later.

To win tickets to the iTunes Festival, you need to apply for the concerts you wish to visit. Each concert is an experience in itself and with such a great lineup its pretty much worth applying for all of the concerts for dates that you can make.

How To Win Tickets – Step 1

To start open up the app and head to the gigs tab at the bottom. Take a look at the gigs available and dates, there is no point entering a date you know you cant make. To start entering for tickets you simply click the icon in the top left (look at our slideshow in this post for step by step pictures).

How To Win Tickets – Step 2

Now using your fingers, tap on each gig you’d like to apply for, you’ll see a little tick appear in the checkbox, once you’re happy click the “Win Selected Tickets” button.

How To Win Tickets – Step 3

Finally just pop in your details, and enter into the competition using the last button.

And thats it, you should receive an email confirmation to let you know you’ve entered.

How Do I Know If I’ve Won iTunes Tickets

itunes-festival-app-passbookIt’s no good entering if you don’t know how to tell if you’ve won, so we thought we’d help you our, seeing as we’ve won tickets in the past and for this years competition.

You should first hear by email, so make sure that you add the iTunes Festival to your contacts. You can sometimes win over 1 month before a gig but most tickets are won 7 days before an event. You have 72 hours to confirm your ticket otherwise you loose it so make sure that if you do win you jump on it.

Next your phone (if push notification enabled) should notify you via the iTunes Festival App, you can confirm your tickets through the app too.

Once you know you’ve got your ticket you can finally add it to Passbook, (the new feature we talked about earlier). This is a really cool way to gain entrance to this years iTunes Festival, and we bet a lot of people will be taking advantage of it.

This is a great way to get to know Passbook and for those who think its pointless at the moment, will soon find a use for it! You can see a copy of one of our tickets that we’ve won this year in our Passbook. We can’t wait to get to the iTunes Festival this year and hope to see some of our readers there too.

iTunes Festival App

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