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App.Pro Introduction

App.Pro is a new addition to the world of app reviews and news. We exert ourselves in providing up to date reviews, advice and news on apps. We dont just pick any app though, we research heavily and find apps, that we think, will improve peoples daily usage on their phone. From games to utilities, travel apps to business apps, we cover it.

Being a new site, we’ve taken some of the best things other websites have to offer and added our own twist. Our articles are interesting to read and easy to read. The developers behind App.Pro have been hard at website development for over 10 years, and have created sites that reach millions of users every month and thats the same desire and aspiration we have for App.Pro.

Ad Placements

We’ve thought long and hard about creating advertisement spots to better you, and your marketing strategy. We have numerous banner placements, and whats really neat is that we can do complete take overs.

What is a takeover you may think? A takeover is where your brand/design literally takes over ours, we can change the background image, colour schemes, on each page or across the whole site, so if your budget is large you might want to take over the entire domain. Or if your after a smaller starter budget you can takeover individual pages.


If you have any questions or comments regarding our advertising, pricing or takeovers on App.Pro, we invite you to contact us at

Please do not email this address for app submission, reviews or PR. This is solely for advertising queries. For more information on submitting your app for review or app news, please visit the app/news submission page.